Unexpected Home Decor Ideas

For any homeowner who is looking for great home decor ideas, they should always keep in mind that a great piece of furniture does not have to cost a fortune, or have to be a ‘one size fits all’ piece. Unexpected Home Decor Ideas include a Splash of Colors Go for Maximumism Rather than just paring down your decorating style, go for maximums instead.

If you have a very large painting, go ahead and put it on top of furniture, lamps, mirrors and other bright colors, allowing it to be more of an art piece than a focal point. For instance, if you have a huge painting you can place a chair with a lamp on top of it and use the lamp as a focal point rather than simply as the lighting for the painting.

Another great home decor ideas that involves lamps is to use the lamp as a sort of display. If you want people to sit down and read the book you are holding, then you could position the lamp at eye level and have it pointing upwards towards the book. A smaller lamp could have the lamp pointed down and then placed against a wall where it would not look out of place. You could also use a larger lamp and angle it down slightly, making sure that it is not too bright.

Another great home decor ideas that involves lamps is to create the appearance of multiple, smaller lamps. By putting these lamps around a room or a few different locations around the room you will be able to create more of a focal point rather than simply placing one lamp in the middle of the room.

Another great home decor ideas that involves using the lighting for purposes other than its intended purpose is to use an overhead light and then strategically place lights in areas to create shadows. Using this type of lighting technique you can create the appearance of multiple layers of light in a room. This creates a very unique effect and can really help with creating the illusion of depth.

These are just a few home decor ideas, there are many others to choose from. There are many books available on how to use lamps to create effects, but remember that the best ones will involve using as many different types of lighting and textures and colors to create as many different effects as possible.

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