Choosing the Best Window Treatment for Your Home’s Decor

Finding Discount Blinds that Look the Best

One of the most fulfilling activities for any DIY home stylist or decorator is redoing the interior of a home. The end result is something that can provide prince and happiness for many years down the line.

However, creating the perfect look takes a bit of research and skill. As you probably know, no detail is small enough to be overlooked when it comes to home décor. One thing that can make or break the way a room looks is finding the proper window treatment.

For many, finding the right window treatment can be a bit of a hassle and feel quite overwhelming. Luckily, there are places like Affordable Blinds, which has inexpensive options for just about any type of décor.

Let’s take a look at a few different popular decor styles and see what window treatments mesh best.

Finding Discount Blinds that Look the Best

Traditional Style

Traditional style decor is one of luxury and beauty. Think plush textures, classic patterns, beautiful, antique furniture, all of which come together for a timeless look. The main focal point for this type of decor is the rich detail.

The best window treatments for traditional style decor include faux wood plantation shutters, especially for those seeking a more elegant touch, or roman shades, preferably in neutral colors or patterns.


Contemporary style is very progressive and sits ahead of the curve compared to other styles. Typically, the contemporary style includes clean white and black lines. Much of the decor in contemporary homes is highlighted by natural light on windows or walls. The furniture really does the talking in these situations.

When it comes to window treatments, the same thing should come to mind. Decorators should opt for vertical blinds to give their homes more of a visual appeal from ceiling to floor. Roller shades in black and white colors are great as well. They are very simple and affordable and will not steal the show from the rest of the home like zebra roller blinds like the ones available on Affordable Blinds.


When we think of coastal homes, we think of natural waterfront homes in the Hamptons or on the shores of Hawaii. These types of homes often marry refined décor with a simple yet casual feel.

Some of the colors often found in coastal décor include blues and whites. Wood materials are very popular, as they help bring a bit of the ocean vibe inside the home. When it comes to coastal décor, natural light is a true winner. The window treatments that you choose should allow natural light to float in.

We highly recommend going with something natural, such as bamboo shades or faux wood plantation shutters.


Fans of rustic styles love the look of the outdoors. Bamboo shades or wooden blinds are great for those who want to keep a natural wood look while Roman shades are an excellent choice for those who like the look of fabric window treatments.

Regardless of the treatments you choose, has a massive selection of high-quality shutters, shades, blinds, curtains, and more.

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